Dear Reader,

the most innovative aspects of SINERGIA is the method applied to make SMEs closer to the knowledge poles in the field of energy. This method is based on the proactive approach applied to agro-food SMEs to stimulate investments to green the supply chain, closely linked to the development of friendly-user instruments to increase the SMEs’ awareness over the best tailored actions to introduce energy efficiency processes. After an initial framework analysis on the barriers to innovation and the screening of the best technologies, the energy assessments with 50 pilot enterprises in 7 Mediterranean regions and concerning 4 sectors (diary, bakery, wine, olive) help shaping an Energy efficiency simulator: this is a web self-energy diagnosis tool that support the enterprises to pre-evaluate the economic & energy convenience to E-investments. This will be available through the homepage, by clicking on “My energy efficiency simulator”. A powerful dissemination campaign in the concerned pilot regions could multiply the number of agrofood SMEs using this tool. But that’s not enough to generate a sounding impact! So, we stimulate new research-to-market regional business models, with the purpose of creating funding lines for the SMEs that want moving from the energy diagnosis scenarios to concrete investments. In the meantime, our Mediterranean Alliance for the energy efficiency in the agrofood sector seeds new investments & R&D projects, to make technologies closer than ever to the enterprises! Agrofood industry goes green, are you with us?

Nicola Colonna, project manager